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In the fall of 2012, financial market reports of hydrocarbons from the Green Point Shale oil play in western Newfoundland attracted the attention of Foothills Capital Corp.. Black Spruce Exploration Corp. (BSE) was formed as a subsidiary of Foothills. A geological review of the potential for hydrocarbons in both the onshore and offshore environments of western Newfoundland was positive. It was also apparent that the majority of this shale exploration was being conducted by junior public companies that were undercapitalized and locked in the repetitive cycle of raising money to chase the next press release. BSE considered that there was an opportunity to participate by farming-into lands held by the existing exploration companies thereby acquiring large tracts of land along the prospective fairways both onshore and offshore for very limited initial capital expenditure.

In early January 2013, BSE executed a farm-in Agreement with Shoal Point Energy Ltd. Subsequently, two further farm-in’s with Enegi Oil Plc. and Ptarmigan Energy Inc. and a purchase of Deer Lake Oil & Gas Inc. lands were completed. BSE spent 2014 evaluating the farm-in lands and building a regional seismic model. In September 2014, BSE agreed to terminate its farm-in agreement with Shoal Point Energy in return for shares and warrants of Shoal Point. In December 2014, BSE agreed to terminate its farm-in agreement with Enegi Oil Plc. In mid-January, BSE paid a drilling deposit to the C-NLOPB to extend the Ptarmigan Licence in EL 1120. BSE currently holds interests in over 1.33 million acres of undeveloped prospective land in western Newfoundland:

Ptarmigan Energy Inc:    1,167,361 acres in 3 Exploration Licences – EL1120. 1127 &1128; and,
Deer Lake Oil & Gas Inc:  159,188 acres in 2 Exploration Permits – EP93-103 & EP03-105.

BSE is currently focused on 4 plays types within these interests:

• Compressional Ordovician Hydrothermal Dolomite Play;

• Extensional Ordovician Dolomite Karst/Erosional Play;

• Carboniferous Clastic Rocks Onshore in the Deer Lake Basin; and

• Ordovician Allochthonous Clastic Play.

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Reserves + BSE

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BSE Project Lands

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